Happy anniversary America

Is that time of year! Where all come together to celebrate the most anticipated event of mid year; July 4th. 

to bad this awesome holiday fell on a Wednesday, work the next day isn’t any fun after celebrating.  

BBQ, pools, beers, running around, watching baseball games, is all a pregame before the fireworks games start. Cheers, laughter, a just lounging around in beach, and park chairs.  

This year i decided not to go to far and stay in my cozy backyard of downtown Yonkers. Hey! Don’t judge, is all about family time, and having an exceptional experience for the kids and family. Thankfully this year Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano decided to bring back the family fun to the beautiful and yet still developing surroundings of Yonkers Waterfront. Thank you for that Mr. Mayor, am sure all the neighbors and supporters where thrilled to have an amazing experience.  


Anyways great folks! I’ll leave you with a small preview and a few of my shots taken on the evening of July 4th. 


Happy independence day to all and hopefully you all had an amazing time with family and friends. 


Drone Photography/video-New Ventures

Sup everybody! So as i expand so does my creative services. So far after a few weeks of setting setup, learning new processes and adding to my collective i have decided to post one of my videos up on my you tube channel and decided to do a little blog on it on here.

Hope you guys enjoy the views, a little rusty on the editing but i think overall is a good start.