How to repurpose your Instagram feed and raise your brand awareness!

Since I joined Instagram I felt compelled to share my work, my blood, my struggles through photos. 

In order to increase my brand awareness and footprint in the social media world I posted whatever came to mind and whatever I felt like sharing photographically as a portfolio. This was the beginning of a failure attempt as a professional photographer. You see, though I been in the scene for years and attended many workshops in the matter of how to use social media and watched many photographers work it still in front of my eyes it didn’t hit me where I was malfunctioning with my work and social media branding. This is something you don’t get teached step by step out there unless you pay for it dearly to any brand awareness firms. 

We spend many years shooting certain types of photos to build our niche and creative flow. Sometimes this takes years and years to develop and execute. What are you good at and how can you turn it into something great. For me I started with events, liked everything about events, but as time went so did my likeness for other subjects and focus.

Commercial, editorial and advertising grew in me to create something in those fields, portraiture exploded along with it and so did black and white fine art photography. Boom! My niche was born! Every shoot I create I incoporate that commercial feel, that editorial look, that portraiture moment. Is marvelous to have reached where and what I want to shoot and create. Nowdays I use black and white as a form of expression artistically whether is in portraits or ramdom shots. It took me a while to see it but that is photography in general, time will tell where you are headed. 


As per my Instagram feed, you can guess how it looked before I decided to scrap it completely and re-edit it with a new purpose! You don’t want to know! Well yes you do! Let me post a few of how it used to look. It was a mess, it was like scrambled eggs, toast, ham, and coffee and milk mixed in a blender and served in a flat dish! Yeaaahhh! Yummy huh! 


Anywho, everything I had posted was moved away and discarded and I had a blank slate to begin again; fresh and with a purpose. You see in order for you to attract the right crowd there is a system and formula to it. Appealing feed + visuals + time = Growth. Because every portrait is unique I had to plan it carefully and systematically along with black and white photos and how to execute the layout without compromising the overall design. What would work in the favor of my audience? How can i begin to stitch my work in a way that looks good and flows? It all began with a 9 slot grid, 6 portraits and 3 black and whites images. 


In a matter of 72 Hours I reassembled my timeline in a way that really showcases my work as a creative and as I always seen it in my head. This didn’t take years of planning, all it took was massive amounts of visualization and putting the work out systematically in order that made sense to me. Curating is the word! I didn’t hire anyone to help me with this, as I wanted to challenge myself and learn the process of how creative directors might see best fit with images and how they marry them together to create a strong body of work. I might be wrong in the outcome, but surely Is looking way better than that scrambled egg, toast blender stuff.


Like I said, every portrait is unique to each subject and I needed a way to break them away. I researched for 3 straight days of how my work should look, I never been a filter fan per se and that was out the door in terms of finished content. Second was looking at color schemes in the same palettes and that was going to create a problem since every portrait session is either outdoors or in studio, different scenarios different looks not a realistic match. The last one that i thought of was: “What if i break two portraits apart by incorporating a fine art black and white in the middle?” I made a simple layout in paper, used an app called “Previewapp” for image layout purpose and it was all massive amounts of work from there on. I might not be the only person using this type of layout out there but it has well paid off. 


Now that my first 72 images have been repurposed, now I can continue the process without so much thought process. Ohh by the way, there is a challenge I encourage you to do. I created hidden gems portraits in my timeline, wonder if you guys are able to spot them as you scroll down or up. 

Cheers everyone and hope you like this new blog post and hopefully it is as helpful to you as it was to me to create, execute and put together.



Thoughts in my MIA Moments

Life seems fair to those who have not experience any massive pain, or any hard falls.

We all have our difficult moments where life seems to be kicking our asses day after day with no remorse.


Been there, and back! Been there to the point where I almost sold my equipment and call it quits and move on to the next chapter in my life.

One question did stick around in my head: Why did you buy the camera to begin with? Why did you buy all this equipment for? Why you didn't turn down such client when they asked about you taking their photos? and so on.

It was nauseating and I felt horrible after asking myself questions after questions over and over. I had literally given up on myself, my dream, my entire nature of why I jumped into Photography in the first place. I was at the brink of failing myself, my family and those who believe in me even if it was for a moment. 


My website dropped out of existence, my social content was crap. My advertising had stop completely, I began more critical of my photos to the point where all I was seeing was shitty work. I had created a solid believe that I was not fit for this journey as a photographer. 

I was creating excuses after excuses of why I was not making great things happen, I started chasing birds and ran out the field like "Jim Rohn" said. My camera is old, my camera is to heavy to carry around, my lenses didn't give me what i was looking for in terms of quality, my gear was crapping out, and so on. Gosh! When you hit rock bottom surely things tend to become worse in your thinking, and in your actions.  


Mental toughness is a really serious thing to have. What the heck just happened to me I wondered one day as I was walking to work and decided to snap one photo using my phone of this nice metalwork i saw at the train platform. It was a milliflour design with black, yellow on a concrete background. I had let my eyes become lazy of my surroundings, I had let my vision go behind my head instead of ahead. After I took this photo I played around with it and developed it further to enhance it. More thoughts came to mind and draw me back to my humble beginnings. "I couldn't do that before, look at how far you have developed your self and your style to be giving up so bluntly" I said to myself. Ohhh man! it was not over that moment. It seems as my brain was in for a good 'ol ass whipping, I felt like my heart was beating the shit out of my brain to get back up, look up, get my ass of the dirt and shape up. Reality kicked in! It was on, When no one was around to give you the sort of speech you need to hear, I guess my heart did it for me. 



As the days went, I decided to use my phone as a therapy to create images on the go for social content, to re-train my eyes and brain to look for interesting images to capture. Little by little images started to get a hold of me and my new self. Content was being created, Clients started reaching out, re-branding ideas started to happen, it was a feeling like no other. New techniques were being develop, a new website was being built, new vision of where I want to land and what type of work I want to be called for. It was euphoric! 

My thinking and self destruction was completely change, and all was rushing at a pace like never before seen. It was like a reset button was triggered from my heart to my brain. I know is hard to think it can be done but it certainly is, I challenge you to go forth and have a self talk and assessment of your current self and see where you are. Im sure along the way something will hopefully trigger you to get back up, get dusted and move on forward

Until Next time!

Be great, Be invincible, Be strong.