Is Social Media Meddling with your work.

Recently i saw a video that struck a cord with me in a bad way the other day, all because is one more step into realizing bad behaviors and time spent out in the world digitally. Yes! Digitally. Am talking about social media in all channels in general. It is obvious more and more to me that people are in it to have a moment of fame through likes, follows or to even be the next viral thing. But why does it bother me so much? Well! lets talk math on the amount of time spent creating content just for IG, FB, Twitter, etc. 


Wait! It doesn’t stop there. Lets add a few more into the equation of commenting back, reaching out and checking others peoples pages, hitting likes and swipping up your timelime. 


I would average at least in a day 2hrs going back and forth into every social channel. That’s just an average! Now a week That’s 14hrs, in a month is 56Hrs. Remember that’s just an average. 

Now the case is this, if you are the type to look at your followers/following ratios and you know that if you are following 1,000 accounts that have followed you back but in reality your numbers are 300. Something is up. First, why do we care about these ratios? second, why are we so naive enough to spam our own pages with other peoples content by following them? Is like you are seeing all their content while yours is not even on theirs, people who don’t support your vision or goals. Is a cruel reality! And No am not being a hater or an asshole, is a community to support each other but people care more on building that following so they can in turn say “Hey look at me, am a real business and my following shows it” “am a good influencer pay me so i can reach thousands of people with my account on your behalf”. Really! 


Together and all now add to the equation that people will unfollow you or bully you if you offend them with something you post. If you are a creator, create for the people that matter, other businesses who you can help and they can help you in return, is a two way street. Am no influencer, i just create good content that pleases my thoughts, vision and goals.  

If a company that shares my vision or i see theirs, then am for sure supporting their growth.  “It’s a two way street, without parking regulations” as i say. 


I love to see great images running down my timeline, as they serve as inspiration to my own work and creativity, as in hope that my images inspire some the same way. Unfortunately my time spent in social media is to big enough and its been creeping up in my schedule when i could be creating bigger, better things. Blogging more often, shooting more often, being out there more often connecting with clients and people. Gosh! 


I am being sucked into this reality more and more as i look at my own ratios and peoples accounts that pass by my timeline which I reassure myself every time why do I follow them, if it doesn’t help me as a person to grow, develop and rise then bye bye. 


It’s a hard decision but it is one that I am still considering, that consideration of closing all my media accounts or just some and focus on my marketing out of social media and focus more on my clientele and website to attract clients through SEO and all the geeky stuff, making sure my page ranks in the top spots of the WWW. One page i have decided to take down in its entirety is FB, i have come to develop and love and hate relationship with FB terms, conditions and data privacy in all. I have decided to stick to two medias in the meantime, Twitter and IG.

you can find me in both accounts under: 




Cheers guys and hope you all making self assessments of you work and life digitally and analog, and focus on what really matters your business, not likes or follows or being a insta star or influencer.