Great service is to help and guide the clients through the proper steps of a successful business. So I manage to built a brand that helps client expand their brand and be successful as well.

Is Not only just a shoot “What I Can do for you as a Brand, translates into your own success”.

Have you noticed now days that everything you see or hear in social media, tv, Radio, and all communication media is about being an Influencer? How to be a success? Well what many don’t know is that Brands influence the market. Everybody knows “Coca Cola, J.P Morgan Chase, Colgate, Kellogs, Etc” These are household brand names recognized by even the smallest individuals. Your brand needs to consist of that - Becoming a household brand name.

Brand is beyond flashy business cards, and a cool website. Brand is your unique representation of who you are and how you bring Value to the market. Brand is to create content that is professional and appealing.

I know An image or video captures the essence of your brand…. I take the proper steps to ensure that your needs are met and you don’t become a another market amplifier “one who has no engagement”.

Decision are the foundation, but the results will be amazing… Snapshots are great, but without the proper story telling behind it it will have NO meaning or content. We create content, stories that move your audience and improve your ability to attract the right clientele.

My personal success as a talent, ensured creating some exciting campaigns for Local Charter schools like “New Heights Academy to raise funding from investors, also creating moving content for companies like “Fidelis Care” to use in their social media platforms. As a professional this has given me as a photographer/ videographer the ability to connect with clients in a special way.

I look forward to helping you create, or expand your own brand.


Meet Max Almonte

Creative Director of Photography

Talent Background

Max Almonte is a self taught photographer based in New York, Whose career spans almost 10 years. He began his photographic Journey after his Wedding. His introduction to photography began by shooting weddings and small events in a journalistic format, thus creating stories for clients on their important days. As his style developed over the years and his knowledge grew through classes, workshops and seminars so did his focus on what He really wanted to shoot. He narrowed it down to a specialty in portraits and commercial photography. These specialties along with his background in photojournalism was the perfect blend to create compelling images for clients campaigns, talent portfolio creation and brand building.

As he continues to expand his creative, he also has entered the realm of Drone photography and video along with video production for social marketing.

All these attributes qualifies him to provide the best service platform to help launch individuals as well as businesses into their dream brand execution.